0.7″H x 16″W x 4″D Drawer Organizer Axis International


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USA Patented, The Expandable Dresser Drawer Dividers, in aromatic cedar is 100% eco-friendly. These dividers help keep your drawer organized and tidy by separating socks, t-shirts, tank tops, sweats, undergarments, as well as other clothing! These dividers are not only a great organizing tool they will make your dresser drawers look professional organized and smelling great! The 100% cedar scent helps prevent moths and mothballs and give off an aromatic cedar fragrance. Cedar trees grow in the Pacific Northwest of North America where weather is damp, and where fungus, microorganisms, and insects subject trees to destructive conditions. Trees such as the cedar tree have developed self-protective qualities that allow the tree to fend off insects, rot and temperature related stresses. That makes cedar wood very useful as home building material where humidity, temperature, and cracking are a common problem. The two primary areas where cedar trees are harvested are in Washington State and in British Columbia, Canada. So not only will you be organized these extenders will make your closet smell great and look stunning in any closet space. Use multiple sets for extra-large drawers! The dividers are spring loaded for easy installation. There is no cutting, no measuring or taping! The dividers make a great birthday, shower, holiday or housewarming gift! Why go plastic or bamboo when you can have the wonderful scent of cedar while protecting your clothing. Axis International

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