15 piece Kitchen Utility Drawer Organizer Set Kit


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Don’t get your drawers in a bunch! This two piece set is the perfect way to customize and organize. The honey comb organizer is completely adjustable and fits into any drawer with just a few simple snaps! Perfect for socks, hosiery, ties, accessories and more! The drawer dividers are completely customizable and perfect for shirts, pants, even bowls, utensils and other kitchen ware! Never dig through cluttered drawers again with this Complete Custom Drawer Organizer Set. Includes: 8 Honey Comb Pieces ( Creates up to 18 Compartments) 13.5 inches long2.5 inches deepUp to 14 inches wide Drawer Divider Set: 3 9.625 inch Dividers2 Straight Connectors1 Three Way Connector1 Four Way Connector

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