2.6″H x 13.5″W x 14.2″D Drawer Organizer Rebrilliant


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This organizer is great for organizing socks, boxers tights, stockings, bras, knickers ties, belts, handkerchiefs, masks, towels, scarves, children’s t-shirts or vests or even medicine, stationery and cosmetics. Makes a unique honeycomb divider. Easy to install can be assembled in seconds and used for any sized drawers. Makes finding the exact item you want quick and easy! Keep their drawer neat and tidy with this clever drawer divider. After a very simple assembly process, you can place this organizer in their drawer and use the compartments to organize their socks, underwear, jewelry, craft supplies, holiday ornaments and more. For an easy and convenient way to keep their belongings well-organized, this drawer divider is just what you need. Forget about those frustrating moments spent searching for a missing sock, a pair of underwear, or a favorite accessory. With this organizer in their dresser drawer, you’ll be able to find the item you need in just moments. Rebrilliant

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