6 Packs Light Grey Foldable Storage Cube Baskets Fabric Closet Shelf Drawer Organizers Store Books Clothes Toys Snacks


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Features 1. Durable, easy to use. 2. These fabric drawers easily side in and pull out of cube shelves. 3. Storage cube basket fabric drawers is perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter. 4. These storage cube basket fabric drawers have been specially designed to fit perfectly with their storage cube counterparts. DUAL HANDLE ACCESS: Unlike all the other storage cubes out there, these offer handles on BOTH sides, which is great for easy transport as well as being able to be placed on the shelf either way. Each handle is attached and reinforced to the bin with extra-strength stitching, so the bins can handle a heavy load. HOME TRANSFORMATION: From your garage, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, office and more, you can use this set of storage boxes to transform any room in your home! Easily fits on the floor, closet shelf, bookshelf and desk drawer for any undivided mess needed to be organized. FUNCTIONALLY DURABLE: Made from non-woven fabric, these sturdy storage bins are easy to set up but can easily be folded and stored away when not in use. Convenient for storing toys, media, office supplies, arts & craft, clothes and so much more. CARE & DIMENSIONS: Eco-friendly and safe breathable fabric will help create a clean and tidy home environment. No tools necessary! Adorn has offered our product to be easily assembled. Each individual storage container can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. Designed to fit most storage cube units, or independently. 10.5 x 10.5 x11(DRAWER ORGANIZER SOLD DESPERATELY) Sick and tired of a disorganized mess in your home? These Beige 6 pack value containers are great units to keep on hand to add some quick organization to your home. Adorn offers a wide variety of colors that will add to any dcor with a fun elegant appeal when placed in any bedroom, shelf, bookcase, cube organizer and much more! These bins can be used on their own or together to create a holding unit for toys, craft supplies, shoes, books, etc. Their flexible and collapsible design make them great for those of you always on-the-go. Durable, eye-catching and easy to use, these Collapsible Storage Cubes are a terrific choice! These Collapsible Storage Cubes have been specially designed to fit perfectly with their Storage Cube counterparts — together they form an unbeatable combination of color, organization, and style. Specifications: Color: Light Gray Product Dimensions: 27*27*28cm Material: Non-woven fabric+Paperboard Suitable for: Games, toys, art & craft supplies, books, linens, clothes, shoes, seasonal items, holiday ornaments, DVDs, memorabilia, and more in the home or office Package:

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