Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Divider Organizers – Spring Loaded and Stackable


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Frederica Trading’s Premium Bamboo Drawer Dividers are the perfect way to organize your kitchen drawers. Each divider has a spring loaded adjustable action that expands the drawer dividers from 17-5/8 inches to 21-5/8 inches. The height of the divider is 2-3/8″ and can be increased by using the bamboo stacking pegs (included), allowing you to stack two or more dividers securely for those deep drawers. The soft rubber seal on each end protects your drawers from being scratched or damaged. Why settle for a pre-designed drawer organizer tray when you can create your own space? In the kitchen, our bamboo adjustable drawer dividers are perfect for organizing your silverware, utensils, cutlery, and knives. They are also an ideal solution for smaller dresser drawers. Divide and separate your socks, underwear, lingerie, and clothes. Our drawer divider organizers are also perfect as bathroom drawer dividers – separate your makeup, lipstick, and keep your vanity clean. Who doesn’t have a junk drawer? These are the drawers with pens, pencils, sticky pads, tools, screwdrivers, scissors, and all of your various odds and ends. Our bamboo drawer dividers will help you organize those junk drawers in your kitchen, office, desk, or toolbox to separate items and find them more efficiently. These beautiful drawer dividers are made from ethically-sourced, premium bamboo. The Frederica Trading logo is laser-engraved on each divider. They are a part of Frederica Trading’s Premium Bamboo Collection, which includes many additional beautiful bamboo products for your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office.

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