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Learn the art of classical drawing with this course dedicated to the classical drawing methods of the Renaissance. The full curriculum includes 5 projects, designed to teach beginner or experienced students important skills necessary to gain proficiency in the Art of classical drawing. The course features over 7 hours in 37 video segments of easy to follow demonstrations, and lectures by figurative artist Luis Borrero. The complete course teaches students the following skills. Improve your drawings, with a friendly system that will help you understand how light and shade behaves. Discover the various historic materials and techniques used by Renaissance masters, such as Leonardo, and Michelangelo. Develop a better sense of volume in your drawing by using ovoids and overlapping form construction. Explore a value scale system designed to simplify the process of rendering your drawings. Discover the cross hatching technique used by the old masters. This course includes detailed exercises in Linear and Atmospheric Perspective. Improve your sense of proportion and scale in your forms and figures. Capture better compositions in your drawings by learning a classical system of organizing space. Learn to capture the exact proportions of your drawings by using time proven techniques such as Relative, and Sight Size Measure.

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