D1060 Black Leatherette 23-Piece Conference Room Set with Integrated Organizer

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Everything you need to accessorize an entire boardroom! This set is designed to outfit and organize a 10-seat conference room table. Give conference attendees luxurious and comfortable writing surfaces and protect your expensive table surfaces! This set includes 10 leatherette 17″x14″ table pads, 12 matching leatherette coasters, and a unique holder unit with an integrated organizer drawer. The holder is designed to sit on a credenza and provide a clean storage solution when the individual accessories are not in use. The drawer is built with compartments to store all of your conference room office supply essentials, including writing pads, pens, staplers, etc. The leatherette material used throughout this set gives you a high-end look without the big expense of genuine leather materials. The included conference table pads are constructed with a rigid board, and provide a superior writing surface. All items in the set are backed with a soft felt, and will keep your table safe from mars and scratches. Upgrade your meeting facilities with this set today!Length: 18Height: 12Width: 16

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