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Are you still worried about dry skin / blackhead / fine lines? Are you feel stress after a day of work? Are you still spend a lot of money in a SPA hall? Are you still have a trouble with sinuses issue?…… No Worry Anymore! This Facial Steamer is design to gives you hydrated skin,a glowing complexion and relief sinuses! Relax & indulge as luxurious micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and soothed complexion in as quickly as ten minutes.Allows you to forget the stress of the day for a while.Which gives you exactly what you want for a home spa face steaming experience! What Can this Facial Steamer Do for You? Softens surfaces skin to help remove dead skin, dirt, oil and makeup remnant. Allows sweating and therefore helps remove toxins. Removes congestion in the sinuses. Naturally deep cleansing to purify the skin, boots blood circulation and prevents the signs of ageing. Open the pores, reduces acne and blackheads/whiteheads. Allows you to forget the stress of the day for a while. Adds moisture to your room so acts as a humidifier. This Facial steamer can bring back your beauty, make you confidence all the days with a clear face. Good for Sinuses Relief and Eye Relaxation An warm mist of our facial steamers can naturally help for the sinuses issue, you will feel better when you use it once every day. Moreover, when you feel tired with your eyes, our steamer can allows you enjoy a eye spa, you can forgot the stress of the day for while. Improve Your Skin Condition Our facial humidifier improves cell vitality and oxygen absorption through skin for a healthier younger looking complexion, so you can make up more naturally. Enjoy Your SPA at Home With our facial atomizer, you can quickly supply sufficient moisture to your face, make your face smooth. Also you can have your own special SPA if you add some essential oils. Why Is this Facial Steamer Better? And the facial steamer advanced nano ionic technology,designed with built-in Atomizing Lamp , turns water into micro-fine particles to produce a powerful, consistent mist to open and unclog pores, remove skin dirt, oil & makeup. Increase the effectiveness of your favorite beauty creams, serums and masks by delivering them into the deeper layers of your skin through ionic channeling. But others similar facial steamer on the market are do not have the built-in atomizing lamp,because this is our own Exclusive Technology. Without atomizing lamp, the steam which coming out is water vapor.It can not be penetrated in your skin and it is hot or even burn your skin. Only real Nano steam can be deeply penetrated and improve your skin quality.

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