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With roots reaching deep into the soil, Vetiver is earthy, sultry, sweet and one of the most grounding of all oils. Pangea’s organic Vetiver Essential Oil possesses a calming, cooling nature and viscous, amber-colored consistency that is wonderful for soothing the skin, supporting the immune system and calming the mind. Use alone or blend with complementary Oils to bring a grounding, nurturing quality to your bath, body, and home. As with all our products, Pangea’s Essential Oils are completely organic and sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. This product is vegan and gluten-free. VETIVER Pangea’s organic Vetiver Oil is sustainably grown in Haiti. Relaxing and grounding to the body and soothing to the skin, Vetiver is also a generous, cleansing ally to environments in which it grows. It is a grass with deep roots that hold powerfully to the topsoil, preventing erosion and diminishing runoff. It also helps recharge and restore depleted groundwater by drawing rain deep into the earth. Vetiver is a transmuter of pollutants and agricultural toxins, and is used in many countries to help cleanse the environment. It is Vetiver’s power to absorb molecules from its surrounding soil that give depth and complexity to its fragrance notes. Pangea’s Vetiver is rich, exotic, woody, sweet, and heavy. Pangea’s organic Vetiver Essential Oil blends well with Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, and Sandalwood Essential Oils. It is a strong ally for calming the mind, centering the body and soothing the skin. Use as a compress, in Body Oil, as part of your bathing ritual, through direct inhalation, or in a diffuser. For household cleaning, add several drops to your favorite unscented, eco-friendly cleaning product or laundry soap. Because our Oils are extremely potent, just a few drops will do the trick, which means you’ll get many uses from this bottle. Vetivera Zizanoides Root Oil*. *organic Ingredients. This Product Is Vegan And Glu

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