ETCBUYS Coffee Pod Drawer Organizer Station Holder (Red)

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ETCBUYS Coffee Pod Drawer Organizer Station Holder (Red). Features: Holds up to 36 single serving coffee pods; Keep your kitchen neat and organized; Divided into 6 rows each carrying up to 6 coffee pods; An ideal pod holder designed to support your daily coffee needs Can serve for a very long time; Made with high quality PVC; Built to withstand the weight and heat from coffee makers and espresso machines; Durable and guaranteed to resist deterioration over the years to come Stackable coffee bar organizer; Perfectly engineered as a space-saving kitchen accessory for all your coffee pods and other coffee accessories; Lay another Halter coffee and pod holder with ease and watch it create a linear coffee tower Serves as a decorative piece; Aesthetically built to complement kitchens, guests rooms, and offices; Comes with a variety of options from black, red, or white; Balance according to your creative preference Features a non-slip rubber feet; Made with protective elements to defend against damages on your kitchen furniture; Dimensions: 13.2 in x 13.9 in x 2.9 in (LxWxH)

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