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This 8 piece set is great for organizing home, kitchen or office drawers. Keep your entire household’s items organized. Neatly organize everything, from office supplies to workshops to kitchen cutlery. Small containers ideal for smaller loose items like paper clips, screws, rubberbands or other small items, while the larger compartments are great for neatly storing kitchen tools and utensils. With this versatile multi-drawer organizer, the possibilities are endless to organize all your household essentials.Each divider interlocks and can be arranged to suit drawer needs. Constructed of durable, easy to clean plastic. To interconnect simply put the lip of one edge over the bracket of the other. Note: they will not snap or lock together permanently – the lip just rests on top of the brackets. It is suggested disassemble before moving to avoid cracking. Comes with 8 pieces, 3 small square (3 inches length x 3 inches width x 1.75 inches height), 3 smaller rectangles (9.25 inches length x 3 inches width x 1.75 inches height) and 2 large rectangles (9.5 inches length x 6.25 inches width x 1.75 inches height). Rebrilliant

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