Gas Mask Protection Filter Chemical Respirator Safety Dust Mask


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Features :Activated carbon box: As a replacement for gas mask. dust mask: As a replacement for dust mask. Dual canister anti-virus + goggles: Filtering pesticides, formaldehyde, gasoline, second-hand smoke, carbon disulfide, benzene, fly ash, organic steam, etc. Double can dustproof + goggles: Prevents inhalation of large amounts of dust. Specification :#1:Activated carbon box: Color: Yellow#2:dust mask: Color: blue#3:Double can dustproof + goggles: Blue+Black #4:Dual canister anti-virus + goggles: Yellow+Black Package includeds :#1:Activated carbon box: 2 x Gas Fliter Cartridge#2:dust mask: 2 x Dust Fliter Cartridge#3:Double can dustproof + goggles: 1 x Double-cartridge Dust Mask + 1 x Protective eyewear#4:Dual canister anti-virus + goggles: 1 x Double-cartridge Gas Mask + 1 x Protective eyewear

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