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Drawing Animals Course, Step by Step with color Pencils

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Would you like to learn how to draw animals? Then paint with crayons? Dogs, cats, birds and horses and lions. You must first draw and divide the animal body into its original shapes. Using circles, ovals, and curved lines. You know that animals’ bodies have tissues. How to draw animal body tissue. Birds have wings and feathers and pets have hair. The subject of animal design is one of those topics that, despite being very attractive and an undeniable need of visual artists, especially illustrators, cartoonists and animators, has so far received unbelievably little attention to our education! Most of the designers who are working professionally today have gained this knowledge with effort and a lot of time and energy. I am happy to have organized an animal design workshop to train students as well as those designers who feel weak in this area. In this workshop, a process is on the agenda during which you will first learn to see correctly and then you will move towards drawing correctly. You will go through this process by studying the treasure trove of information about animals, including photos and videos, as well as examining the position and function of their various organs. You will also learn how to draw animals with the correct scale and display the movement, gesture, rhythm, and various covering tissues of the body, including feathers, fluff, scales, and so on.

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