LG Signature W7 OLED65W7P 65″ Smart OLED TV – 4K UHDTV – Black – WebOS 3.5 – DTS HD, Dolby Atmos, OLED Surround


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Simplicity. Perfection.
Best of Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2017, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W features a “Wallpaper” design so impossibly thin and light that it attaches to the wall, while delivering unbelievable color and contrast, plus active HDR with 4K resolution.
One with your wall
Yes, it really is a television. Discover a TV so thin and light that the screen attaches directly to the wall. LG’s radical new Picture-on-Wall esthetic uses the most advanced OLED technology yet to achieve this first-of-its-kind design.
Perfect black for lifelike image reproduction
LG OLED pixels create their own light, and can switch off to achieve truly perfect black levels with zero light bleed, providing the foundation for displaying the lush, vibrant color that only LG OLED TV can deliver.
See. Hear. Spectacular.
The fusion of advanced image and sound transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse. LG OLED TV is the first TV of its kind that brings both Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® together.
Active HDR, unlike other conventional HDRs
Active HDR analyzes and optimizes HDR10 content scene-by-scene for an even more striking, more breathtaking High Dynamic Range experience. It also supports Dolby Vision™ as well as the new backward-compatible HLG HDR standard, assuring compatibility with the most HDR content from streaming.
Dolby Atmos® brings cinema sound to your room
From state-of-the-art theaters to the home: With Dolby Atmos®, sounds can move anywhere, including above the listener for the ultimate in surround audio. Discover Dolby Atmos (on select titles) through the TV speakers, or pass through to a compatible home theater system for the full experience.
Wide Viewing Angle
Rather than force viewers to crowd into the narrow LCD “sweet spot” position for optimal picture quality, the cinematic color and Infinite contrast of LG OLED TV hold up even from wide angles, so now everyone on the couch will have an ideal viewing experience.

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