LGBTQ+ Librarianship in the 21st Century: Emerging Directions of Advocacy and Community Engagement in Diverse Informatio

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Product Description Libraries are at the heart of many of the communities they serve. Increasingly, it is important for them to adjust to serve minority groups, including LGBTQ+ communities. This collection presents original scholarship on the emerging directions of advocacy and community engagement in LGBTQ+ librarianship. With contributions from library and information professionals, this volume explores how librarians and library professionals can embrace a more proactive role as social justice advocates, and help promote fairness, justice, equality, equity, and activism on behalf of LGBTQ+ people. Starting within the library space, the volume offers an introduction to terminology and resources around LGBTQ+ information, before moving on to explore examples of how LGBTQ+ librarianship can adopt innovative approaches to better serve their patrons in select settings around the world. Including case studies on health services, historical archives, and LGBTQ+ homelessness, this collection dispels misperceptions and myths surrounding social justice research and is vital for any researcher or practitioner interested in supporting evolving communities. Review Librarians, academics, and activists provide a common vocabulary and set of strategies to aid the work of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer librarians and patrons. They also provide a form of solidarity and support, a multi-faceted message of encouragement and enthusiasm for the work that libraries and librarians can do and are doing in the everyday work of librarianship. Their approaches are emerging scope, new roles and new technologies for the 21st-century librarian, recognizing the needs of emerging communities, creating communities coming together, and looking ahead: emerging questions. –Annotation ©2019 Ringgold Inc. Portland, OR ( About the Author Bharat Mehra is EBSCO Endowed Chair

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