Michael Graves 16″ x 6″ Drawer Organizer Rubber Lining, Indigo (Indigo)


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Michael Graves 16″ x 6″ Drawer Organizer Rubber Lining, Indigo (Indigo). Control the clutter in drawers with this stackable, rubber lined drawer organizer Stackable for maximizing space in a kitchen cabinet, pantry, refrigerator, office, bedroom, craft room, and more Soft grip rubber interior lining prevents items from moving when opening and closing drawers Ultra clear plastic construction for easily picking out what you need without having to move items around Bring order to your drawers once and for all. With many applications, this individual organizer will help combat all desk and countertop clutter. Use in the kitchen to organize your cooking utensils and cutlery. Place in the bathroom to corral your cosmetics and accessories. Store in the classroom to keep craft supplies in order. This multi-purpose drawer organizer is also great for the workplace housing all your office accessories. The transparent, break resistant plastic matches great with all types of dcor, while soft grip rubber interior prevents your items from sliding around as you open and close your drawer. Rounded corners also help to make cleaning this handy organizer a breeze. To clean the unit simply hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Item dimensions may differ slightly due to the unique nature of the product. Color and finish may also differ due to differences in monitor displays. Props and accessories are not included.

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