Mind Reader 37 in. x 9 in. Pink Poly Canvas Adjustable Closet or Locker Drawer Storage Organizer


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Make the most of your locker with a hanging organizer from Mind Reader Products. Lockers make wonderful storage solutions in schools, colleges, universities, gyms, and other locations, but most weren’t designed with thorough organization in mind. Often these mostly-open miniature closets feature one, maybe two shelves, with little room to make it easy to sort and store your books, papers, binders, and other supplies. Make the best of these cramped closet scenarios with a hanging organizer designed to create additional space and solutions for sorting your stuff. Three levels of storage shelving make it easy for you to organize books for class, folded clothes for the gym, shoes in your closet, and more supplies and necessities, with multiple side pockets that provide extra room. The sturdy steel hooks at the top make it easy to suspend from rods, hooks, or a shelf, and durable fabric construction with strong support boards allows you to store even irregularly shaped items inside the individual sections. Use this long-lasting organizer inside a locker, closet, pantry, or even a hotel wardrobe to give yourself additional storage space wherever you need it most. The hanging shelves can easily be folded flat in between uses, making this hanging storage solution perfectly suited for travel and portability. Revamp your locker and clear up clutter with a set of Mind Reader Hanging Shelves. Color: Pink.

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