Mind Reader Iron Drawer Organizer, Silver (I3DR2-SIL)


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Keep stress to a minimum by keeping your desk, kitchen or office clean. Use this versatile Mind Reader iron three-drawer organizer to keep office supplies and other accessories inside the drawers and off the desk. It’s a fantastic way to keep a desk or c.Drawer organizer can be used as a storage unit in your office, kitchen, bathroom, or at a work office.Features three drawers.Comes in silver and made of sturdy iron.Dimensions: 6.5″H x 8″W x 3.5″D.Weight capacity: 2.2 lbs..This unit can take on scratches, drops, and even dents, while still being usable.Three drawers give you the ability to store many different things of your choosing.Wide and spacious drawers allow you to easily reach into them, saving you the hassle when putting something in or taking something out.Great gift for anyone who enjoys keeping their area nice and neat, helping them stay organized in their home or office

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