Natural Blended Canvas Drawer for 6-Shelf Org. 2pk env.

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Sometimes it is not an easily folded sweater that needs to be tucked away. For those smaller items that are easy to loose or tend to spill out of open shelves, take advantage of these smooth, sturdy canvas Drawers. Designed to slide into any hanging unit, this durable 2-drawer set turns your open-faced shelves into an instant bureau. Keep baby clothes or diapers on hand but out of sight. Stow away seasonal socks, hats, and scarves! Your items stay protected, accessible, and discreet, giving you the freedom to store more. Perfect for apartments, condos, and dorms, these inserts create instant drawers wherever dresser space is limited. Your closet is your domain-make it the one you have always wanted.
2-Drawer Set. Slides into 3 and 6-Shelf Sweater Organizers.
Sturdy, blended canvas provides a durable, long lasting storage solution as varied as your needs.
Breathable fabric is perfect for storage of seasonal garments.
Attached handle for easy removal.
Color: Natural.
Length: 7.75″/19.7cm.
Width: 11.75″/29.8cm.
Depth: 11.75″/29.8cm.

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