Sterilite 3-Drawer Storage Cart, Clear with Black Frame (2-Pack)


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Keep your things organized with 2 of these 3-Drawer Storage Carts from Sterilite. They are the supreme storage carts for any room in your home or office. They have deep drawers to accommodate anything and everything from scrapbooking materials, school supplies, clothing, books, and so much more. Organization is a walk in the park with these rolling carts. The transparent drawers allow you to see your items and keep your belongings neatly contained. Black frames complement any space you use your storage cart and casters are included to create a portable storage solution wherever they may go. Get these 3-Drawer Storage Carts from Sterilite and watch the organization magic happen. They are perfect for closets, craft rooms, garages, offices, or bedrooms. Color: Clear.

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