The Art of Portrait: How to draw and paint the countenance


Learn what you need to make a portrait. Theoretical and practical lessons. Extra material. Drawing and painting.

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More than 2000 students have taken my courses on Art and Creativity-100%Money Back Guarantee within30 days in case you are not satisfied with this course-This course is a complete audiovisual guide which with you will be able to make portraits thanks to these practical and theorical lessons. We will go into morphology, proportions, tipologies and portrait’s purpose. It also includes a bibliography, images to download and video tutorials commented by the professor in real time with activities. This course can be made in a week but you actually you can practice the activities for months until you perfect them. The organization of the course is as follows:1)Basic notions2) Head’s proportion and morphology3) Other elements in a portrait4) Practical examples explained step by step5) Summary, conclusion. Sign upthis course if you are interested and you want to have the necessary tools to draw and painting the human face- You will be able to access this content for life- Free updates- You will be updated all the time through this online platform.

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