TreeKeeper 3 Drawer Ornament Storage Box


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You’re used to that large box of Christmas ornaments that have been wrapped in newspaper and crammed together in the messiest game of Tetris ever, however, you know this doesn’t work. Ornaments will inevitably be crushed or will be discolored by the acid found in the very paper you used to try and protect the ornaments with. We completely relate to the frustration attempting to box all your ornaments in one place while protecting their fragility. The Three Drawer Ornament Box will hold your ornaments safe and organized all year long. The lightweight box holds 72 3″ ornaments, 24 in each tray, with dividers between the ornaments. The trays and dividers are acid-free to protect the vibrant colors of your ornaments from damage and discoloration. While decorating the tree, the trays can be removed and individually carried allowing you to place the ornaments onto the tree right out of the drawer. To keep track of your ornaments the front of the box has a clear ID window for tags listing the contents of the box. The three drawer ornament box will keep your ornaments safe and shining year after year.

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