UBrands 658U0824 Standard Plastic Push Pins Clear


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These clear head push pins crafted by U Brands provide excellent assistance in pinning your important papers and messages while keeping you organized. Durably constructed, these pins allow you to easily pin your supplies from the sturdy plastic head without harming your hands by its sharp, steel point. The sharp end of the pin can be easily inserted into tough surfaces such as cork boards, bulletin boards, notice boards and maps and are even ideal to hang up personal decorations like posters.
FeaturesStandard push pins with plastic head and metal needle point
Essential for office, classroom and work space needs
Used to pin locations on maps, important papers and messages to cork boards, foam boards and more
Pins are reusable, providing longtime use
Packed in a reusable plastic case to keep your desktop or your desk drawer organized
SpecificationsColor: Clear
Weight: 0.25 lbs

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