Umbra Peggy Adjustable Kitchen Organizer Trays (Set of 2)


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Kitchen clutter? It’s everywhere you don’t want it to be. Drawers in disarray, cupboards full of chaos, and shelves that are a complete shambles. Not anymore with this innovative kitchen drawer organizer?Introducing Peggy by UmbraAvoid a kitchen drawer disaster, cupboard catastrophe, and scattered shelves with help from Peggy – the fully adjustable storage solution that keeps kitchen drawers, cupboards and shelves neat and tidy.What makes Peggy unique is the adjustable tray with removable pegs that can be repositioned in virtually any configuration. Choose where to place them based on the type of items you need to organize. Tupperware storage organizer, food container organizer, pot holders, bowl organizer, and kitchen peg board ? Peggy organizes almost anything.Easy to UseEach set includes 2 molded polypropylene bases featuring non-slip rubber feet and 16 removable 4-inch pegs.The bases measure 17-3/4 inches x 6 inches, and to ensure a perfect fit, each one extends an additional 3-1/4 inch. Place both bases side by side, use them separately, or combine multiple sets to accommodate larger drawers, cupboards and cabinets.Once you decide where to place PEGGY, simply position the 4-inch pegs to accommodate the items you wish to organize. With a matrix of 108 holes and a total of 16 pegs there are literally hundreds of possible configurations and endless storage possibilities.To reduce clutter and finally start organizing your kitchen drawers, cupboards, and shelves order Peggy from Umbra today.About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, and functional design for the home.

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