Wallniture 30″ Long Rail Rack Utensil Drawer Organizer, Steel, Chrome


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Tidy Up Your Kitchen Counter and Cabinets, cook in a Neater and Cleaner Kitchen Set-up to Feel Accomplished and Professional Like a Restaurant Chef Multi-Functional Storage: There are endless possibilities when it comes to utilizing this wall mounted rail, you can decorate and put your walls into good use. Use the rail for DIY projects, entryway organization or to hang towels in the bathroom. This rail fits the budget perfectly without hurting the bank account. Ditch the Heavy Furniture: Dont spend over your budget for bulky and expensive furniture pieces. You dont need a kitchen hutch or any extra cabinetry to organize your most essential cooking gear. Durable Construction: This gourmet hanging cookware rack is manufactured with durability and dependability to last you years to come with satisfaction guaranteed. No more pot searching, you can easily reach for what you need with a swift motion. The Thick Silver Painted Kitchen Rack Will Help You To: Tidy up your kitchen cabinets and counter to free-up valuable space. Work more efficiently and productively with your supplies at your fingertips. Make better use of your walls and decorate your empty space with ease. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Stainless Steel Color: Silver Rail Dimensions: 30 Each Hook: 3 See What Will Arrive with Your Order Today:1 30″ Kitchen Pot Pan Lid Rack 10 3″ Hooks with Mounting Screws and Anchors

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