YBM Home Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer and Divider (14.1 L expands up to 17.25 x 4.25 H x .75 W in.)


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YBM Home Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer and Divider (14.1 L expands up to 17.25 x 4.25 H x .75 W in.). Make your drawers and cabinets look organized and visually appealing with this expandable drawer organizer and divider Turn Unorganized Into Easy-To-Navigate Drawers Keeping your large collection of silverware can be a chaotic jumble, especially when you have to occasionally open the drawer to pick a spoon or fork up for obvious reasons. With this bamboo drawer divider, you can effectively solve the clutter by dividing and sectioning your drawer to your preferences and keep everything easy to see and access. Make your life easier and enjoy having harmony and order in the most engaging places in your home. Easily Fit Into Different Sized Spaces The strong spring loaded mechanism allows you to adjust the size of the divider to fit snugly on both small or large space drawers. It works with any drawer including office drawers, bedroom cabinets, bathroom drawer, pantry, arts & crafts studio, and anywhere. Attractive and Beautiful Bamboo Design We chose our kitchen and home organization supplies to be environmentally friendly and safe to use. Our drawer divider is handcrafted with high quality bamboo which is sturdy and durable with amazing natural properties. Not only you can organize cutlery, but also socks, undies, and personal accessories in your bedroom cabinets and dressers. Add a decorative touch to your drawers with YBM Home drawer organizer KEEPS KITCHEN DRAWERS NEAT AND TIDY – Keeping a substantial number of spoons, knives, and forks organized is difficult. With our drawer divider insert, you can keep all your silverware well-organized in your kitchen drawers and easily accessible SPRING LOADED TO FIT LARGE AND SMALL DRAWERS – Easily customize the space in your drawer by extending the length of this utensil organizer divider. Its mechanism is easy to use and no installation is required STURDY AND DURABLE BAMBOO – Made of fully matured Moso bamboo, this kitchen drawer divider is solid, attractive, and durable with natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Requires little maintenance and makes it safe for organizing cutlery MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE – Not only works as a silverware drawer organizer, but it can also be used in closet for sorting out socks and underwear as well as office drawers for organizing office supplies, craft supplies, and more These Bamboo Drawer Dividers are available in 3 sizes. 1) 17.1 in. Length Expands up to 18.1 in. Length x 4.5 in. Height x .75 in. Width 2) 19.5 in. Length expands up to 22.25 in. Length x 2.5 in. Height x .75 in. Width. 3) 14.1 in. Length expands up to 17.25 in. Length x 4.25 in. Height x .75 in. Width

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