YBM Home Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer Storage Box (Set of 6), (3x3x2 inch)


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YBM Home Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer Storage Box (Set of 6), (3x3x2 inch). Tackle the never-ending clutter in your office desk or kitchen drawers with these bamboo storage box organizers A Natural Touch to Your Home Organization Keeping several items organized in a drawer can be difficult. They get thrown all over the place as you pull and push the drawer to get that handy thing. With these functional bamboo boxes, you can better organize your drawers and neatly maintain everything together in one place. Made of high quality Moso bamboo, a natural sustainable resource, these wooden organizers are more attractive and environmentally friendly than plastic drawer organizers. They are functional, have multiple uses, and make organization easy and smart. Enjoy Having the Cleanest Junk Drawers Around Use these bamboo drawer organizers to tidy junk drawers, kitchen drawers, office drawers, or anywhere you need organization. They are very functional as well to keep them on the countertop or office desktop to have your scissors, pencils, notes, and other useful items at a glance. Crafters will also find these storage boxes convenient for organizing their crafting supplies, paint brushes, and scrapbooking supplies. Use Them Your Way We’ve seen these wooden storage boxes used to organize cosmetic like nail polish, brushes, eye pencils, lipsticks, and cream bottles; store needles, threads, and bobbins in the sewing room; keep pens, paperclips, post-it notes or sticky labels, and staples organized in an office drawer. PRACTICAL DRAWER ORGANIZER – These handy bamboo storage boxes help organize your office desk and kitchen drawers by keeping office supplies, small items and accessories stored in one place. Use as well on countertops, shelves or in pantry STORE EVERYTHING FROM CLIPS TO NEEDLES – Tidy junk drawers around the house instantly! Use these tray bins to organize office supplies like paperclips, staples, threads, pens, pencils, crafting supplies, sewing supplies and even cosmetics, jewelry STURDY AND FUNCTIONAL – Beautifully made out of Moso bamboo that looks great with any home decor setting. It doesn’t take much of your drawer space and you can fit multiple organizers boxes in single drawer REQUIRES LITTLE MAINTENANCE – Bamboo is environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. Yet, you can clean it by wiping with a damp cloth or using mild soap and water, dry thoroughly for best care These bamboo Drawer Organizers are Available in a Variety of 9 sizes:1) 10 in. Width x14 in. Length, 2)3 in. Width x 12 in. Length, 3)3 in. Width x 3 in. Length, 4)3 in. Width x 6 in. Length, 5)3 in. Width x 9 in. Length, 6)6 in. Width x 12 in. Length, 7)6 in Width x 15 in. Length, 8)6 in. Width x 6 in. Length, and 9) 6 in. Width x 9 in. Length. All of 9 Sizes have a Height of 2 in.

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