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Ybmhome Fridge Freezer Organizer Bins Storage Box (Size). Convenient containers allow you to keep your fridge freezer and pantry clean and organized at all times. Versatile Storage Containers Keep your meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables snacks and condiments all neatly organized in the fridge freezer or pantry kitchen closet with these clear plastic containers from Ybmhome. They also work great for drinks in cans, bottles or jugs, jars, small packaged items like candy bars and more. The slim design allows you to maximize available storage space and creates quick access to what you need. It is perfect for families that regularly use condiments such as ketchup or mustard and loathe the idea of running out of their favorite sauce right as they’re enjoying a delicious meal. . When your storage space is at a premium these drawer organizers are exactly what you need. These Ybmhome storage containers are available in 3 sizes so you can perfectly choose the size that best fits each location in the freezer or fridge that needs organization. It is extremely sturdy so you no longer have to worry about dropping those old, flimsy organizers that break and crack. Great for use in the kitchen, pantry, office, craft room, and more. The organizers conveniently sit in most refrigerator shelves and pantries for quick and easy access to your favorite food items. Simply place any of these fridge bins into your refrigerator, freezer, pantry shelf or drawer to comfortably view your condiments or household items. No longer waste time, digging through your refrigerator and shelves looking for that much needed stick of butter, ketchup jar, or salad dressing. These bins beautifully organize any and all types of items keeping them in place and ready to be used. They can also be used inside cabinets to free up cabinet space. Fits most refrigerator and pantry shelves. STORE FRUITS, VEGETABLES, MEAT, DAIRY SNACKS AND CONDIMENTS in the fridge, freezer, or pantry with these ybmhome bins. EASILY ORGANIZE YOUR FRIDGE FREEZER OR PANTRY with these handy stackable containers. THESE VERSATILE PLASTIC BOXES ARE PERFECT FOR any and all types of food, drink and condiments – they also work great in the freezer. CLEAR Always see and know what you have and need while making delicious meals SLEEK & STYLISH Rack offers plentiful space to fit different types of food items while keeping your refrigerator looking coordinated , MADE FROM DURABLE, BPA-FREE PLASTIC, these boxes are guaranteed to be safe and long-lasting for your kitchen. They are easy to clean and 100-percent dishwasher safe. THESE YBMHOME FRIDGE BINS ARE AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES: Small, Medium and Large Small Size Measures: 13.8 in. L x 5.5 in. W x 3.8 in. H Medium Size Measures: 14.6 in. L x 4.2 in. W x 3.75 in. H Large Size Measures: 14.5 in. L x 8.4 in. W x 3.75 in. H. Organizer Type: Cabinet Organizer, Closet Organizer, Portable Organizer Material: Plastic Assembly: Assembled Color: Clear

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