ZENOLOGY SOMM Wine Glasses Complete Collection (Set of 6)


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An Unforgettable Glass For Those Unforgettable Wines Exclusively handcrafted luxury stemware. The unique bowl shape of this modern meticulous design allows you to swirl and taste wine like a true master sommelier. The exquisitely flared design requires a 21-step process and 15 master glassblowers to create a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience. The unique glass delivers fresher, more defined notes to the palate. Pinot Noir Wine Glass Dimensions: 9.25″H – Mouth 2.75″ Wide Pinot Noir Wine Glass Capacity: 26oz Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass Dimensions: 9.5″H – Mouth 2.75″ Wide Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass Capacity: 22oz Universal Wine Glass Dimensions: 9″H – Mouth 2.5″ Wide Universal Wine Glass Capacity: 18oz These glasses are dishwasher safe ZENOLOGY SOMM Glasses are made from 100% lead free glass

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